Unifai, the shield that protects Warmango from incomplete attributes


Warmango adopts the Unifai platform to automate the referencing of its products and thus divide by three its time-to-market thanks to artificial intelligence.

Warmango is a B2B web distributor specialising in services for building professionals. The product sheets must therefore be precise and can include up to 40 attributes. With a monthly growth of 30% and an ambitious objective to double the number of references within 6 months, they are facing a data quality challenge: no more incomplete attributes.

"It is essential to offer an optimal user experience to our customers: this is why, in order to properly categorise the products and harmonise the attributes as much as possible, all of our suppliers' files will be reworked. Unfortunately, the catalogues they send us all have different formats: FAB-DIS, various CSV ... Human work is therefore essential, but extremely time-consuming. We had worked on a catalogue template that we asked our suppliers to fill in before publishing it. But with such depth, filling it in required too much work from their teams and we could not impose so much on them.

Unifai allows us to address these issues, internally we call it the 'shield': its role is to preserve the user experience of our customers," says Lucas Maisse, Chief Operating Officer of Warmango.

"Automation through artificial intelligence is a real opportunity for retailers like Warmango toaccelerate the integration of their suppliers' catalogs into their internal systems: PIM, PLM, ERP..." says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

Making life easier for employees while increasing their productivity

3 times faster product referencing

"Product referencing is a mandatory and necessary step, but this task can be tedious and time-consuming for business teams. "It is estimated that, on average, business teams still spend 50% of their time making data reliable by hand. Our goal is to improve their performance by automating the process of making product data reliable: the normalization, enrichment or categorization of product catalogs. "says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

"The Unifai solution saves resources, which impacts all of's services. This translates into time savings during referencing, which allows us to have more accurate and more precise content. Thus, the problems of after-sales service are reduced or even avoided, and the purchase tunnel is simplified. Moreover, our technical team was not solicited, which avoids adding to their already busy roadmap!

I can now focus on more value-added tasks to make the site as good as possible: like improving existing categories, adding filters to sort content in a convenient way or reworking product sheets to optimize SEO," adds Lea Pounot, Database Manager at Warmango.

Automation as a competitive advantage

"The automation of product integration is a solution that is appreciated by both our suppliers, who see it as a time-saver, and by investors, for whom it is synonymous with innovation. It is a real added value, which marks our difference in the market. While most other retailers use a lot of employees to do this, we are digitally mature and show a willingness to scale.

The integration of the products was a major obstacle to reach them, we already imagined having to recruit, train and manage 4 to 5 additional people... The savings in time and financial resources are not negligible", says Lucas Maisse, Chief Operating Officer

The Unifai AI engine processes the imported data and submits the few remaining lines for verification. "All suggestions processed by Unifai are 95% reliable from the first use. It only takes a few weeks for the algorithm to learn and reduce the error rate further..." says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

  • About Unifai

Unifai is the first artificial intelligence platform designed for e-retailers and distributors that automatically standardises, enriches and categorises their product catalogues to halve their time-to-market and optimise their conversion rate.

  • About Warmango

Warmango is a B2B web distributor specialising in building products. Launched in 2016, the platform boasts 50,000 products with a turnover of €6 million. A fundraising of €2.5 million was carried out in 2020 to accelerate growth and offer new features.

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