Unifai elected e-commerce Start-up 2021!


Unifai elected 2021’s e-commerce Startup at the Start-Me Up challenge organised by the FEVAD and KPMG

The FEVAD, the French Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Selling, and KPMG, the world's leading audit and consulting firm, have just announced the winner of the "E-Commerce and Distance Selling" award. This competition highlights, for the 5th consecutive year, the most innovative start-ups driving the e-commerce sector forward.

This year, Unifai caught the attention of the jury and the public with its Artificial Intelligence platform designed for marketplaces, online merchants and distributors that automatically standardises, enriches and categorises their product catalogues to reduce their time-to-market and free up business teams overloaded by the multiplication of product data sources.

"We have entered a new era where product data sources are growing exponentially for retail players. Whether they are distributors, e-tailers or marketplace owners, the challenge is the same: make a large volume of data reliable as quickly as possible to maintain a competitive time-to-marketArtificial Intelligence automation is a real opportunity for retailers to accelerate the integration of their suppliers' catalogs into their internal systems: PIM, PLM, ERP..."

"It is estimated that on average, business teams still spend 50% of their time making data reliable by hand . Our goal is to improve their performance by automating the process of making product data reliable: normalizing, enriching or categorizing product catalogs."
Jesse Créange, CEO and co-founder of Unifai

About Unifai

Automating the reliability of their product data allows Unifai customers to halve their time-to-market and eliminate classification errors, anomalies, duplicates and missing product attributes that affect their conversion rate. Unifai's artificial intelligence engine processes tens of thousands of product data in minutes and guarantees less than 5% error rate from the first use. 

5 AI modules are disponible in SaaS mode: Categorization, Enrichment, Matching, Normalization and Mapping. Easy to use, the platform has been designed so that database managers, category managers and e-merchandisers can benefit from a turnkey tool, no technical implementation is required.

Unifai’s platform automatically makes the product data of the largest retail players such as Intersport, Retif or Gedimat reliable. This turnkey solution simplifies the life of retailers and their customers: business teams gain time and accuracy, customers benefit from a better product experience.  

A few examples:

  • 100k products processed in 1 month with Intersport
  • 18 hours saved per reference manager and per week at Intersport
  • Time-to-market divided by two at Warmango and TheAgent

Unifai is working to shift the boundaries of the data processing market so that retailers can offload low-value tasks and focus on their core business. 

"All our customers have halved their time-to-market, they can offload tedious and complex tasks to focus on their core business."
Jesse Créange, CEO and co-founder of Unifai

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