When AI increases the PIM


Since 1 year, Akeneo connects to the Unifai platform to automate the reliability of retailers' product data. Rexel, Intersport, VM Matériaux, Apex... already use these complementary solutions to process their product data. 

With ever increasing volumes of data to be integrated and customer requirements in terms of product information quality becoming more and more demanding, Akeneo has joined forces with Unifai to automate the reliability of retailers' product data in order to meet the e-retailers' credo: process more and process better; and thus stand out by offering a better customer experience. 

Unifai allows you to make mass modifications to catalogs as automatically as possible, which are then uploaded to a target repository: PIM. Akeneo remains the master of the product data, Unifai synchronizes with PIM to retrieve its taxonomy and the modifications made to the products will be carried out in Unifai, before being uploaded again to PIM.

A simplified connection thanks to the Akeneo AppStore

Automatic update of PIM with clean and enriched data

Announced at its annual conference, Unlock 2022, Akeneo's AppStore allows its customers to access a vast ecosystem of technologies covering various needs such as data enrichment or product catalog publishing. Unifai was among the very first to launch its application on it. 

"The application is a real time saver because the integration is done without the need to develop a connector and can take over the configurations already made in PIM, especially the taxonomy," says Jesse Créange, CEO of Unifai.

Using Unifai's AI in conjunction with PIM , it is possible to identify irregularities, correct errors and enrich the data present in PIM. Unifai also makes it easy to apply changes induced by taxonomic changes, such as attribute or category changes, to products without having to manually pass them to PIM and distribute them to suppliers and partners.

A partnership to enhance the customer experience

18h earned per week per person at Intersport

After only one year of partnership, Akeneo and Unifai already have many common customers including big names in retail such as Rexel, Intersport, VM or Apex...

The automation of the data processing in a PIM thanks to AI is a real time saver for the products online and avoids errors in the product sheets. 

The Rexel group, Akeneo's historical customer, used Unifai to accelerate the categorization and automate the enrichment of its products. After a few weeks of training, they were able to observe 70% accuracy on the AI suggestions audited by Rexel. 

For Intersport, 80% of the tasks have been automated and this manual work, which is now automated, has saved 18h of work per person per week. 

"After the learning phase of the algorithm, Unifai categorized new products with the same accuracy as our teams while reducing our catalog processing time by 50%." Oliver Robert, Head of Organization & Repositories at Intersport.

The use of Unifai with Akeneo is a real project gas pedal and allows to automatically update its PIM with clean and enriched data. Combining these two solutions allows retailers to reduce their time-to-market and optimize their conversion rate with clean and complete product sheets; quickly put online.

About Akeneo

Akeneo, the global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM), enables companies to multiply their growth opportunities through a consistent and compelling product experience across all sales channels: eCommerce, marketplaces, mobile, print, point-of-sale, etc. With its open-source platform, state-of-the-art PIM , add-on modules, connectors and marketplace, Akeneo PXM Studio dramatically improves the quality and accuracy of product data, simplifies catalog management and accelerates the delivery of product information across all sales channels and regions.

International leaders, manufacturers, distributors or retailers, such as Accor, Remy Cointreau, Lancaster, Cora France, Air Liquide, Franprix, Nature & Découvertes, Fossil... rely on Akeneo solutions to adapt and personalize their omnichannel and international sales strategies. By using Akeneo, brands and retailers optimize the customer experience they offer, increase their sales, reduce their time-to-market, internationalize and improve the productivity of their teams.

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About Unifai

Unifai is the first artificial intelligence platform designed for e-retailers and distributors that automatically standardises, enriches and categorises their product catalogues to halve their time-to-market and optimise their conversion rate.

Unifai's customers include major retail companies such as Intersport, Fnac-Darty, Gedimat, Rexel, Algorel, Alltricks and marketplaces such as 58 Facettes. This turnkey solution simplifies the life of retailers and their customers: business teams gain time and precision and customers benefit from a better product experience.

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