New AI module that automatically enriches product sheets.


Unifai is a retail startup that guarantees the reliability of retailers' product data thanks to artificial intelligence. AI automates the normalisation and categorisation of product data for retail players. After launching its AI platform in July 2019, Unifai is innovating with a new module allowing the automatic enrichment of product sheets.

"It is estimated that on average, business teams still spend 50% of their time processing data by hand. Whether they are retailers, e-tailers or marketplace owners, the challenge is the same: to make a large volume of data reliable as quickly as possible to maintain a competitive time-to-market.

Our goal is to improve their performance by automating the process of making product data reliable: our new Extraction module allows businesses to industrialise the enrichment of product sheets using AI. ”

says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

Automating with Unifai allows business teams to get complete, reliable and well-categorized product sheets in record time to provide an optimal shopping experience.

Named Unifai Extraction, this AI module is officially launched in beta version from April 7th, it allows to complete all missing product attributes or characteristics by automatically extracting them from a product description.

The indispensable nature of certain product characteristics is no longer in question when we know that eight out of ten French people abandon their shopping basket because of missing information.

For example, for a textile product, the material of the garments (cotton, linen, leather, viscose etc.) is an attribute that reassures the consumer about the quality, this product characteristic may be missing or formatted differently in the catalogues sent by the suppliers.

The consumer goods industry is obliged to mention the allergens present in the dishes and foodstuffs it markets, while buyers of technical DIY or construction equipment need to know the characteristics (power, weight, etc.) of certain products in order to buy them.

This data is often present in free text descriptions but is inaccessible to search engines or recommendation engines used in e-commerce.

The need for retailers to automate product data processing.

Because catalogues are transmitted by an increasing number of suppliers and vendors, retailers have difficulty controlling the volume and quality of product data. The work of enriching product data sheets is long and tedious for the trades, who spend many hours correcting excel spreadsheets to fill in the missing attributes. Moreover, the presence of erroneous or incomplete product data risks reducing the product offer, slowing down the time-to-market and disappointing customers who are increasingly demanding reliable product information.

"We are the first to offer a turnkey platform for cleaning, categorising and enriching product catalogues. Our AI engine is already making millions of data reliable for major retail players such as Gedimat, Intersport and Retif," says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai .

"All our customers have halved their time-to-market, they can offload tedious and complex tasks to focus on their core business."

About Unifai

Automating the reliability of their product data allows Unifai customers to halve their time-to-market and eliminate classification errors, anomalies, duplicates and missing product attributes that affect their conversion rate. Unifai's artificial intelligence engine processes tens of thousands of product data in minutes and guarantees less than 5% error rate from the first use. 

5 AI modules are offered in SaaS mode:

  • Categorization
  • Extraction
  • Matching
  • Normalization
  • Mapping.

Easy to use, the platform has been designed so that repository managers, category managers and e-merchandisers can benefit from a turnkey tool, no technical implementation is required.

The Unifai platform automatically makes the product data of the largest retail players, such as Intersport, Retif and Gedimat, more reliable. This turnkey solution simplifies the life of retailers and their customers: business teams gain time and accuracy, customers benefit from a better product experience .

Unifai is working to shift the boundaries of the data processing market so that retailers can offload low-value tasks and focus on their core business. 

Unifai was named #Future40 in November 2020,one of the 40 most promising startups at Station F.

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