Intersport accelerates its time-to-market thanks to AI.


Intersport adopts the Unifai platform to automate the reliability of product data from shops and the central office and thus halve the integration of these new products thanks to artificial intelligence.

With nearly 1,500,000 items from 500 different brands, Intersport, like many retailers, is faced with a data quality challenge: the reconciliation of product data to consolidate the sales of its 702 member shops.

"If the product data from the shops and the central office are not harmonised, the business strategies put in place thanks to our Data team to optimise sell-in and sell-out cannot be effective. Previously, an internal team of 7 people manually categorised new products, but with over 100,000 references offered to members 6 times a year, we considered industrialising this process so as not to delay the release of products. We discovered the Unifai platform, a turnkey solution for automating product categorisation that saved us from costly and time-consuming development," says Matthieu Pellet, Director of Digital Transformation at Intersport France.

"We have entered a new era where the sources of product data are growing exponentially for retail players. Whether they are distributors, e-tailers or marketplace owners, the challenge is the same: to make a large volume of data reliable as quickly as possible in order to maintain a competitive time-to-market. Automation thanks to artificial intelligence is a real opportunity for retailers like Intersport to accelerate the integration of their suppliers' catalogues into their internal systems: PIM, PLM, ERP..." saysJesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai, "Our goal is to improve their performance by automating the process of making product data reliable: the normalisation, enrichment or categorisation of product catalogues. ”

Categorise new products in record time: "Catalogues of 5000 products are categorised in 1 hour".

Categorisation is a structuring stage in the shop and e-commerce assortment, which consists of selecting the most relevant product universes before their integration into Intersport's PLM system. Faced with such a large volume of data, the task is tedious and time-consuming for the business teams. 

"The Unifai AI engine processes tens of thousands of products in a few moments and the platform indicates the few lines that remain to be validated. AI only requires the expertise of the business for the most complex cases, we have reached an 87% automation rate with Intersport. What's great about AI is that the algorithm will continue to improve by feeding off the expertise of the business lines, and we may exceed 90% in the coming months. " Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

"Automating the integration of our product data with Unifai allows us to halve the time to market for new products, optimise purchases from our members, and improve the customer experience with products that are well referenced across all sales channels," adds Matthieu Pellet, Director of Digital Transformation at Intersport France.


  • 50% reduction in data processing time.

  • 87% This is the automation rate.

  • 95% This is the reliability rate of the AI.

  • 18 hours is the time saved per week by a data integration manager.

Automating with AI by reducing errors

"We could only consider automation if we could keep errors to a minimum. The Unifai algorithm processes the data with the same precision as our teams. " Olivier Robert, Head of Organisation & Reference Systems at Intersport , adds . "This frees up time for the data integration team and for the buyers who have more time to source new products and optimise the product range.

"All suggestions processed by Unifai are 95% accurate from the first use. It only takes a few weeks for the algorithm to learn and reduce the error rate further. This accuracy is made possible by intensive training of the artificial intelligence engine on millions of product data from retailers and e-tailers. "says Jesse Créange, co-founder and CEO of Unifai.

About Unifai

Unifai is the first artificial intelligence platform designed for e-retailers and distributors that automatically standardises, enriches and categorises their product catalogues to halve their time-to-market and optimise their conversion rate.

About Intersport France

The INTERSPORT Group in France is more than 702 shops with a turnover of 2 billion €, with more than 9,000 employees. INTERSPORT is presented in the form of a cooperative, bringing together members who own their shops with a central structure based in Longjumeau and a 44,000 m2 logistics platform in Saint-Vulbas.

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