Gedimat chooses Unifai to reconcile the data of its 200 member ERP systems using AI.


How can the 200 member product databases be converged into a single centralised information system?

Gedimat/Gedibois is the leading group of independent building materials traders with 200 members in France and Belgium. In order to provide its members with a strategic advantage, they decided to deploy an ERP designed to equip all the sales outlets: to share a common article repository and national tariffs in order to optimise purchasing and performance management.

The deployment of our GeSi point-of-sale ERP requires the reconciliation of the databases of the 200 independent members with the central database. For a long time, this tedious work was carried out on Excel with a fairly low success rate beyond the Gencod matches and a considerable amount of time spent. The in-house development of a recovery portal coupled with the Unifai solution allows each member to check the reconciliation proposals generated by Unifai independently and to validate them or not. Invalidations are transmitted to the Unifai engine to improve its learning process.

"We have chosen the AI solution developed by Unifai to reconcile the 200 article references of our members. At the same time, the article database managed at national level is enriched every day with multiple references. Unifai allows us to automate the categorisation of new references and thus accelerate their publication both in the shops and on the e-commerce site.
says Thierry Millet, Information Systems Director - Gedimat

Automate the categorisation of 10,000 new products per month.

Previously, despite such a large amount of data, the classification work on the 3 levels of the internal and Web nomenclature was done by hand and took a lot of time for the business teams. Unifai relieved them of these laborious and time-consuming tasks that were slowing down the development of the e-commerce offer.

We also use the Unifai solution to automatically classify new items in the Gedimat nomenclature and thus improve the productivity of the database maintenance teams. This reduces the time it takes to make items available in the shops and on the e-commerce site."
says Olivier Bourgue, Head of Product & Pricing Database Service - Gedimat

About Unifai

Unifai is the first artificial intelligence platform designed for e-retailers and distributors that automatically standardises, enriches and categorises their product catalogues to halve their time-to-market and optimise their conversion rate.

About Gedimat / Gedibois

Gedimat and Gedibois (the brand dedicated to wood and its derivatives) currently unite more than 200 company managers, i.e. 490 sales outlets and 6,000 employees. In 2017, they achieved a turnover of 1.8 billion euros (excluding VAT), making them the leading group of independent traders and the second largest national player in the trade market.

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