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tomeet all your challenges.

Accelerate the onboarding of your merchants

Complete product attribute columns from descriptions and categorize your merchants' catalogs according to the filters and tree structure of your marketplace.

Prepare the launch of your BtoB marketplace

Reconcile two catalogue databases - for example between affiliates and purchasing center - so that you can set up a Unique Product Repository, which is essential for launching a BtoB marketplace.

Enrich your product sheets

Automatically fill columns with product attributes (composition, color, weight...) from your descriptions or from external sources (brand catalog, database...).

Optimize store assortment and pricing

Categorize your suppliers' products according to the structure of your catalogue and compare the prices charged by the competition.

Manage your performance with reliable data

Categorize products to make your financial or marketing analyses more reliable in a Business Intelligence tool.

Improve your product assortment

Categorize according to the search filters and the tree structure of your e-commerce website or create new references in unit of consumer need (organic, gluten-free...).

Make your data more reliable

Eliminate anomalies: missing characters, missing units of measurement, forbidden symbols, impossible values... by giving access to the platform to your suppliers.

Optimize referencing and pricing

Categorise your supplier catalogues to optimise the indexing and referencing of your products and compare the prices charged by the competition.

Ensuring quality standards

Categorize products to see if they match your editorial or quality guidelines.

Optimize the purchases of your purchasing center

Reconcile the catalogue databases of your subsidiaries with those of the purchasing center and automatically categorize new products.

Standardize your catalogues

Categorize products to see if they match your editorial or quality guidelines.

Create new product labels

Automatically create new product labels by extracting relevant attributes.

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