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Leverage AI to accurately clean and enrich any product data, including de-duplication, and product categorization & classification, at scale and in a centralized way. Relieve your teams from lenghty manual data work by leveraging the power of AI.

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Quickly and easily generate ready-to-edit content, including product descriptions and product page copy that aligns with your business's tone of voice, product keywords, and character limits.

Personalize your content and experiences to new markets and geographies

Automatically translate product content to quickly and efficiently deliver product experiences at scale and in any language with AI.

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Focus on the alliance

We are thrilled to share that Unifai has been acquired by Akeneo, the leading provider of Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions. Unifai's AI-powered solutions for data management perfectly align with Akeneo's ambition to elevate product experiences, infusing intelligence and cutting-edge technology to furthur enhance product experiences for brands, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors around the world.

" With Akeneo, we share a passion for innovation and the same recognition of the potential of AI to reshape the product experience. Our cultural alignment and shared vision made the decision to join forces a natural one. By combining our expertise with Akeneo's resources and global presence, we form a dynamic alliance that will propel innovation in the industry!

This merger will mark the evolution of our current solutions and unveil new horizons
, giving us even more opportunities to create a positive impact on business and society. No step on this journey could have materialized without the unwavering support of our outstanding team, strong partners and valued customers! "
Jesse Créange - CEO - Unifai
Who is Akeneo?
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Akeneo is the product experience (PX) company, enabling organizations to build and deliver world-class product experiences across every customer touchpoint through a comprehensive PX Strategy. Akeneo's Intelligent Product Cloud equips global brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to accelerate growth, reduce time-to-market and deliver engaging customer experiences that convert visitors into buyers.

Why this acquisition?
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We have been working with Akeneo as a strategic partner for the past 3 years, and have seen time and again the power of our combined products. Bringing our two companies together was the next logical step.

This merger will pave the way for evolving our current solutions, discovering new potentials and offering even greater possibilities for making a positive impact on business and society.

This move comes with the recognition that generative AI for product content, while seductive, can be problematic for sales teams responsible for product aspects. Magically generating product descriptions on an e-commerce site or marketplace without centralized, comprehensive and accurate product attributes can lead to flawed product experiences, weak customer interactions and, ultimately, a tarnished brand image.

Unifai will help Akeneo customers in their product experience maturity journeys by simplifying data collection and enrichment processes. To further help companies protect their brands from careless AI errors, Akeneo will also use this acquisition to create the first-ever AI Center of Excellence for Product Experiences.

This strategic acquisition is set to revolutionize Akeneo's Product Cloud offering by infusing intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to improve product experiences for brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors worldwide.

Will there be any particular AI-driven innovations or improvements for existing customers and new markets?
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Unifai will integrate seamlessly into Akeneo's Product Cloud for supplier data management, using AI to facilitate and encourage collaboration between retailers, B2B distributors and suppliers in catalog collection, refinement, enrichment and integration. Therefore, the natural first step will be to integrate our technology even more closely with Akeneo's offering for supplier data integration. Keep an eye on Akeneo's Spring Release 2024 for more information.

In addition, Unifai's capabilities will be extended to new applications for manufacturers and brands. This acquisition lays the foundations for Akeneo's future AI Center of Excellence . As a result, AI will be integrated at all levels of the product experience (PX), including enrichment, content generation and syndication.

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